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Dr Steevens’ Hospital: 1733-1987

This online exhibition explores the history of Dr Steevens’ Hospital since its foundation in 1733 to its closure as a federated hospital in 1987. It focuses on the roles played by doctors, nurses, patients and medical students in what was one of the first charitable hospitals in Dublin, a building which now serves as the headquarters of the Health Service Executive. This web exhibition, curated by Dr. Elizabethanne Boran (Librarian of the Edward Worth Library) is the sixth in a series of website exhibitions which, to date, have explored aspects of the holdings of the Worth Library. For further details about the Edward Worth Library please contact our website: www.edwardworthlibrary.ie.

wilsons drawing of Dr Steevens' Hospital

Drawing of Dr Steevens’ Hospital by T. G. Wilson.

I am grateful to the Librarians of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, the Gilbert Library, Pearse Street, Dublin, the Irish Architectural Archive and The Wellcome Trust, London, for allowing reproduction of images from their archives; and to Dr David Fitzpatrick, former orthopaedic surgeon at Dr Steevens’ Hospital, for the donation of photographs of Dr Steevens’ Hospital which have been used in this web exhibition. Unless otherwise stated all other images are from the collections at the Worth Library.

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